In regard to ephemerality, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the current that society sends us. All it takes is one glance to realize that we’re floating adrift, haphazardly tuned into another frequency that is selling us a false sense of urgency for things that have no lasting value. Quite frankly, it’s the redeemable aspects of life that remind us to shift our focus. Daring is the fact that each day brings us closer to the end. Why should we cast our best thoughts and energy to frivolous fantasies? We could cultivate something that goes far beyond our own expectations and leaves a lasting mark for generations to come.




In regard to reminiscence, I often think back to origins, where I was born and raised. That place holds great significance in my heart as it is where I formed my first friendships, spent quality time with extended family, and laid the foundation for my adult life. One could argue that the place I am living in now is better in a multitude of ways, yet it is hard to let go of what’s familiar to you. Oftentimes I am at a loss due to not adjusting as well as I feel I should. Surely a year should be enough time, but I was wrong. Perhaps that’s all a part of the process, striking a balance. Learning to embrace where you came from but continually stepping forward into new opportunities.



In regard to aptitude, we each hold a gift, a remarkable talent that cannot be matched. Eloquently, it boils over into divine exuberance as it becomes more and more pronounced. To embrace these things is to cherish the passions that prominently dwell in us. The virtue of being truly cognizant of that potential paired with the tenacity to see it come to fruition is highly laudable.



In regard to fortitude, perhaps it’s safe to say that at some point we have all felt the treacherous bite of fear as it’s venom sinks deep into our veins. Uncertainty has a way of tauntingly clasping the hearts of those who dream big, or who even dream at all. True, happily ever afters are never promised and what lies ahead can be startling. Sometimes life presents us with situations that seemingly leave no choice but to run and hide; yet there is something simmering underneath the surface. Something that compels us to step forward despite the current climate of opposition. Tap into that, for your influence is great and the world needs to hear what you have to say. It’s time that we channel the strength and bravery to say it.


IMG_5509In regard to solace, we seem to think that our needs are too great, that our emotions are too complex to embrace the substantial qualities that are available for us to thrive. Like rubies in a wasteland, we tend to overlook the treasure hiding in plain sight. When we slow down, reflect, and appreciate, we allow the bud of gratitude to grow and flourish. Likewise, the weeds of entitlement begin to shrivel up. The paradigm shifts and we are graciously reminded of a new hope.

The Oaks

There is a rumbling through this boisterous land

a rumbling of pain that echoes amongst the passageways

The oak trees absorb it with their roots and have retained it for hundreds of years

they quake as the capacity reaches a maximum, for it has conditioned them

the soil is degrading and the nutrients have been stripped

they have coped for so long that it has become nothing but normal

their bark is hardened and the core of their trunks have clinched like a fist

yet it still stands with dignity, with poise, with abundance


At the dawn of a newborn sun, the rain fell

it was a vibrant and refreshing rain

rejuvenating, nourishing, poignant

like the crisp, cool breeze off the ocean

on a hot summer day

the oaks took one elongated sigh of relief

a sigh of release

the breath that flowed from within sang back to the rain

a new song

a song of hope

a song of restoration

a song of healing

the melodies rang through the earth

and became stronger with each measure

the harmonies became more intricate with each line

and every note delivered the sonic resonance

that had been so aptly ignored for centuries


but its only the beginning

a brave start

one that is inevitable


Free the Bird

I am a thinker. I hold strong value to sound reasoning and logical discourse. I enjoy wading in sea of cognizance and it is my great pleasure to strategize and analyze my way through life. I am on a never ending search for the deeper meaning of things, always reading between the lines. I am greatly intrigued by the interplay between notion and reality, how it correlates with the brink of society.

Yes, I am a thinker.

It’s what I resort to when I reach a crossroads or a pivotal point in life. It’s my safety net when things go awry, I always try to figure out why. Thinking ahead, thinking behind, thinking of the nonexistent, all of it consumes me. Its who I am.

I am a thinker.

I am a feeler. This is also major part of me. I am a feeler as much as I am a thinker, yet I tend to neglect this side of me. It is like a bird shut away in a cage, yearning to be noticed. I know it is there, but I refuse to give it the proper attention. It is my natural inclination to feel deeply, regardless of the emotion at hand. When I love, it is so strong and it overtakes me like a hurricane. When I hurt, it cuts into my heart with a blade of fire. Because of my innate and rich capacity to feel, usually the intensity goes unmatched in most relationships and I end up wounded. In all honesty, it scares me how deep I feel, which is plausibly why I tend to ignore it. Subsequently, I have tried to numb myself over the years but the façade is not holding up. It is draining me and I know that is not my true self.  So what is there to do? Vulnerability is a challenge that I’m not ready to face, but I know that I must.

Yes, I am a feeler.

Its time to free the bird.