In regard to ephemerality, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the current that society sends us. All it takes is one glance to realize that we’re floating adrift, haphazardly tuned into another frequency that is selling us a false sense of urgency for things that have no lasting value. Quite frankly, it’s the redeemable aspects of life that remind us to shift our focus. Daring is the fact that each day brings us closer to the end. Why should we cast our best thoughts and energy to frivolous fantasies? We could cultivate something that goes far beyond our own expectations and leaves a lasting mark for generations to come.




In regard to reminiscence, I often think back to origins, where I was born and raised. That place holds great significance in my heart as it is where I formed my first friendships, spent quality time with extended family, and laid the foundation for my adult life. One could argue that the place I am living in now is better in a multitude of ways, yet it is hard to let go of what’s familiar to you. Oftentimes I am at a loss due to not adjusting as well as I feel I should. Surely a year should be enough time, but I was wrong. Perhaps that’s all a part of the process, striking a balance. Learning to embrace where you came from but continually stepping forward into new opportunities.



In regard to aptitude, we each hold a gift, a remarkable talent that cannot be matched. Eloquently, it boils over into divine exuberance as it becomes more and more pronounced. To embrace these things is to cherish the passions that prominently dwell in us. The virtue of being truly cognizant of that potential paired with the tenacity to see it come to fruition is highly laudable.



In regard to fortitude, perhaps it’s safe to say that at some point we have all felt the treacherous bite of fear as it’s venom sinks deep into our veins. Uncertainty has a way of tauntingly clasping the hearts of those who dream big, or who even dream at all. True, happily ever afters are never promised and what lies ahead can be startling. Sometimes life presents us with situations that seemingly leave no choice but to run and hide; yet there is something simmering underneath the surface. Something that compels us to step forward despite the current climate of opposition. Tap into that, for your influence is great and the world needs to hear what you have to say. It’s time that we channel the strength and bravery to say it.


IMG_5509In regard to solace, we seem to think that our needs are too great, that our emotions are too complex to embrace the substantial qualities that are available for us to thrive. Like rubies in a wasteland, we tend to overlook the treasure hiding in plain sight. When we slow down, reflect, and appreciate, we allow the bud of gratitude to grow and flourish. Likewise, the weeds of entitlement begin to shrivel up. The paradigm shifts and we are graciously reminded of a new hope.

LoveCollide: Tired of Basic

To kick off this series, I chose the bold and powerful duo LoveCollide. It consists of two sisters, Brooke DeLeary and Lauren Budnick, who decided to devote their lives to making music that motivates people to live a life with no regrets and honor the God that they serve. These girls are passionate about Christ, music, people, and helping the environment! They continue to be an example of what they portray through their lyrics which gives them a sense of authenticity. Their style of music is Christian pop and they provide plenty of fresh, playful beats paired with inspiring lyrics resulting in a very colorful sound with a great message, especially with this record. I will be highlighting their third and latest album, Tired of Basic. The main theme of this project is to live out-of-the-box with the kind of audacity and confidence that comes from a relationship with Christ. Its a call to action for the listeners to do away with the mundane and live loudly and boldly. I know these ladies personally and I am so proud of what they have accomplished through this work!

1. Awake

The album opens with a very unique and fun track that ultimately sets the tone for the record both musically and lyrically. It has a lot of quirky sounds and cadences that keep the listener intrigued. “Live like you’re awake” is the first line of the chorus and this song is encouraging its listeners to not ‘sleep’ through life but instead be fully aware and live in the moment. We should take risks, pursue our dreams, and make sure our loved ones know what they really mean to us.  This song is filled with a bunch of strong percussion to symbolize the ‘awakening’ of your heart and soul and also the dawning of the rest of the album. A brilliant first track!

2. Undeniable

This is personally one of my favorites! I love the colorful synths woven throughout the track and the exuberant vibe of the song. It is paced very well and easy to dance to! This catchy tune is just a grand declaration of  how the power and majesty of God is simply undeniable. I love how this track builds instrumentally as the song progresses and the girls’ vocals certainly keep up with it. Definitely anthem material!

3. I Don’t Want It

Now this song is a huge reflection of the current state of the girl’s heart and mind. They are telling God that any dreams, any acclamations that they’ve acquired mean nothing without Him. They are fully surrendering their livelihood over to God; every decision, every aspiration, every accomplishment, and anything outside of that, they simply don’t want it. The vivid synths continue on this track as they bring a sense of upbeat whimsy to the song. It’s extremely catchy and it won’t be too long before you’re singing along!

4. Ibil

Ibil (I believe in loud) is probably one the boldest and most energetic songs on the album. Sonically, it is very forward with electric guitars and drums which gives it kind of a rock feel. The vocals are very pronounced and are sung with gusto and moxie. The message of this song is to live loud and unapologetically and everything about this track is doing just that! You will be hyped up and highly motivated after listening to this one, the energy is infectious!

5. Take Me On

This song has a strong rock vibe and is definitely instrumentally heavier compared to the lighter, synth-filled songs in the beginning. It represents the inner struggle that all of know too well. Fighting with ourselves can almost equate to a boxing match! The girls are expressing this constant tension that they have within themselves along with wanting to be changed and used by God.

6. So What

If you’re a Christian and you feel like you simply don’t fit in or you’re the odd one out, this song is for you! LoveCollide encourages you to not be ashamed of being different but instead embrace it. If the world rejects you, so what? Do as Jesus would do and LOVE. You’ll have lots of fun grooving to this one as it is upbeat and funky. It also supports a lot of healthy themes such as resilience and perseverance.

7. Maybe

This is another one of my favorites because it is so soft and beautiful. It shows a more vulnerable side of the sisters and you can hear the subtle pain and emotion in their voices. Serving as a change of pace for the album, it is definitely much slower and gentler, almost like a ballad. They admit that when things are falling apart in their lives, its easy to put up a façade and pretend that all is good. Sometimes they even distanced themselves from God all the while knowing that they needed him. “I thought that you’d move on ever since I tried pushing you away secretly wishing you’d stay” the lyrics state. The raw honesty is truly striking and it very relatable to say the least.

8. Breaking My ❤

I can only imagine that this song is from the prospective of God to His children. Just as the last song revealed a more vulnerable of the girls, this song shows a more vulnerable side of God. When He sees His precious beloved get into trouble, flirt with the devil, and simply doing things that they shouldn’t, it breaks His heart terribly. The production of this song is incredibly breathtaking and the melody is spot on. I really love this one, definitely a staple!

9. Wildfire

This is a poignant call for revival. An anthem and a mission to spread the love and hope of Christ until it catches like a wildfire! The vocals on this track are as powerful as the message and the song builds like the flame its trying to portray. It has a great melodic hook and it seems to have almost a ‘mechanical’ sound to it which is very fascinating and adds a great flare. A prime example of cool sounds mixed with a deep meaning.

10. X-Ordinary

Lastly, the grand finale of it all! This song brilliantly wraps up the main theme of the album in a pretty little pink bow. musically, it has quite a bit going on with several different riffs and hooks and little quirky sounds here and there. They made sure to go out with a bang! We were made to be extraordinary so let’s live like it. This was a perfect way to end the record, with very strong vocals, sound, and an even stronger takeaway!


In conclusion, I think this is a remarkable work of art and I feel it should be listened to over and over again!  It has meaningful themes and is sonically memorizing. Even if you are not a Christian, I still suggest that you take a listen because good music is still good music. If you are interested in this duo and what they have to offer, check out the links below and let me know what you think in the comments!

LoveCollide Website






And stay tuned for the next artist that I will be highlighting!



Musicians are a Gateway: A Series

Music is a universal language the speaks to the depth of every soul. It shifts the paradigm in our inner being and allows us to connect with our rawest emotions in ways that nothing else could. It is a vessel for processing and release, it can be highly therapeutic or used just for fun! One song can hold the power to open up a floodgate of memories and transport you to a specific moment in your life or associate itself with a very specific person. Music can give hope in the midst of darkness and somehow make you feel less alone. It can bring two complete strangers together and provide a common ground for conversation. I have honestly never met someone who didn’t like music! Simply put: music is magical.

Therefore musicians are very special people. They possess the talent and ability to mold and create the very thing that greatly influence the masses. They can take sound and bend it, adjust it, extract from it, add to it, apply their own interpretation, leave their own mark, sew the streams of notes and waves together with a thread that is true to them, give it substance, give it meaning, give it power. It doesn’t matter the genre or style, the instruments used or level of expertise; musicians contain the aptitude and adeptness to usher us into the grand experience that we all love. They are the gateway.

I am so lucky to personally know and be friends with some incredible musicians. Not only are they great at their craft, but they have amazing character and are just awesome human beings! I will use this series mostly to highlight my musical friends, but if I come across an artist that I really like, then I might as well highlight them too! I will do my best to post links to their music and social pages so that you could listen as well. Be sure to tell me what you think, and we could have a conversation about it! My friends cover a broad array of genres, so naturally this is going to be a diverse series. Many of them are also Christians and use their music to express their faith, which I feel is a beautiful thing. So come with me on this journey!

Stay Tuned.