Life as We Know It



This is life

life as we know it


The magnitude and multitude of fulfillment and agony

abundance and scarcity

Where the moxie of the unexpected meets the rush of the persistent

and happenstance makes it’s home in the quarries of modest aspirations


This is life

life as we know it


Where the rivers of joy flow into the sea of sadness

only to evaporate into condensed experiences


This is life

life as we know it


Where hindsight is one of the most trustworthy friends

and error is the best teacher

Where the flavors of salt and sugar interplay into an intricate dance

of wisdom and discernment


This is life

life as we know it


Where fear and excitement are at opposite ends of the rope

constantly pulling for the upper hand

Where guilt comes with a vengeance

and grief is a numbing mechanism of the heart

Where jealousy is like a dangerous cancer to cells of your soul

and resentment is as good as decay to your bones


This is life

life as we know it


Where healing is in the works

and restoration is beginning to come in view

Where the ordinary deem itself extraordinary

and individuality is hidden in the masses

just waiting to be found


This is life

life as we know it




stretching far into the unknown

so much to be discovered

so much to be remembered

so much to be remembered by

so much to leave behind


So this is life!

life as we know it


A canvas to make our artistic contributions

whatever medium we may choose

we all leave a stroke on this





terrifying yet rewarding

abstract work called Life


This is life

life as we know it














Inner Conversations

Breathe deep, O soul
Breathe deep.

Why are you so cast down?
Why are you fatigued?

What is stirring inside of thee
That leaves you restless?

What is the silence muttering to you?
Do you even speak the same tongue?

What is moving you?
What is halting you?

Where is the pinnacle?
Is it even in view?

Look yonder, young soul
What lies beneath the evident

Can you feel it?
Is it brilliant?

The hope is fresh
Like the morning dew

Don’t run
Come back

Be still


Creative Musings

Creativity soars ahead
young and free
knowing only itself
dashing across the moonlight
skipping through uncharted grounds
rolling along the shores of splendor
grazing the fields of hope
touching the fire of zeal
it makes a home
in the midst of every soul
begging to be known
to unmask the beauty
that was once denied
sometime ago

To the Eager Heart

Sharp wit
Completely in tune to all surroundings
Forging through all dazes
Clasping what is yet to be heard
That is what is preferred
Piercing through all lies
Abundance in understanding
To your potential
The beacon of light approaches you
That is your legacy
Is calling
To your destiny
To the heightened bar
And climb
Tell me what you find.

The Creed of Time

Time, the span that ruptures before us, the smooth silken entity that awakens the need for abundance.
Beneath it’s wings lie a mystery, the mystery that cannot, has not, and will not be unearthed for multitudes of experiences.
It burrows through the discontentment of the mundane. In the eye of the immediate, it is still.
Yet it is quietly moving, sweeping past the insecurities, winding through euphoria, growing and shrinking to fit the mold of perspective.
It is elusive, always shifting, always stable.
It chooses not to obey you, but is reasonable enough to comply with the cause.
Retrospect offers an invitation, to pivot and unmask the accumulated impressions that shape our soul.
Exuberantly, the role of a teacher it takes on, highlighting the importance of unity and the greatness of solidarity.
The beam that brings back to focus the significance of life,

The Contemplation

Being 20 is quite an interesting ordeal. My mind is in a tizzy, I am consumed in a whirlwind of major life decisions, and everyone has their eye on me waiting for ‘what I will do next’. It’s also interesting because all of my friends are at different places in their lives as well. Some are engaged/married, some are residing in other parts of the world, some went to college, and others went straight into the workforce. Virtually, up until now, we’ve all been in pretty much the same place in life. We were all in the elementary levels and essentially all in high school around the same time. But now we’re truly starting to branch off into our various lifestyles and it’s a remarkable thing to see.

One thing that this boisterous amount of change has done is that it caused me to ponder on the very concept of life and how to live it. Society had placed this overwhelming burden to fit into the mold that it has created and if you even dare to break that mold in the slightest bit you low-key become an anomaly of some sort, and that’s ok. Another point that this stage of life has brought about is that I constantly think about the future, to the point where I’m not appreciating the present like I should be. It’s because I’m using everyday in my present life to propel me into a better future. That’s not a necessarily a bad thing, but there needs to be a proper balance. I believe we need to enjoy life while we have it because we truly do not know how much time we have left. Amongst it all, I came across this quote:

“Maybe you don’t have to figure life out at all. Maybe it just is.”~ Miranda Kenneally

That truly resonated with how I had been feeling over the past few weeks. Maybe life just is, maybe we shouldn’t be so worried about how its going to turn out. Just live. Just be. Let everything else fall into place. Of course we need to continue to work hard, but enjoy the moment and pour into others’ lives. It’s worth it in the end.

More Important

More important that what you’ve achieved.
More important than your potential.
More important than what you have or perhaps don’t have.
More important than the money you make.
More important than the status you uphold.
More important than the career that you choose.
More important than the decisions you make.
More important than the road you pave.

You are more important.

It’s this small notion that echoes through the walls of our soul, slowly and stealthily it intensifies until it becomes a blaring cry. It’s that we’re hardly enough, and that our value and significance are highly based off of our contribution to society and our efforts to do so. It’s the unmentioned yet universal thought that, if you’re not intelligent, have a great career, or doing something ‘impressive’ with your life, then you’re not that important. Simple as that. And it’s no wonder that many suffer from low self esteem and a myriad of emotional issues. They feel that they’re not living up to world’s tainted standard of significance, and for that, they feel like a failure.

This is why I particularly love birthdays. They are special celebration of the person, not for anything they’ve accomplished, but for merely being alive. With my birthday being four days away, I’ve been pondering on this a lot lately. I think we need to encourage one another to not be so hard on ourselves. Ever so often we that beautiful reminder that we are enough. we are adequate, just the way we are. We are important. Now I’m not saying that we need not constantly strive to better ourselves, but that we need to have a healthy approach.

So if you’re grappling with the idea that you just can’t measure up, take heed, because you are extravagant and you have everything you need to make a difference in this world. God can still use you to do remarkable things that you may not even fathom. Get ready, because it will be splendid!